THE PHILATELIC JOURNALISTS: Debate on Literature Class Category in Inpex 2013

Debate on Literature Class Category in Inpex 2013

Topic for Debate

Inclusion of e - newsletters, articles published in electronic media, philatelic blogs and websites in Literature class of all exhibitions.

In forthcoming INPEX 2013 the organizers have not included above category in Literature class

In the contemporary philately, e-literature has provided a new, faster & economic perspective to the Philatelic Literature.Is not it a high time to assign proper importance to e-literature in the competitive  classes of the Philatelic Exhibitions ? Has not  the inclusion of e- literature become necessary in the competitive  classes of Regional, National & international Philatelic shows ?"

Do you think as per today's need this category must be part of Literature class in every exhibition ?

In last INPEX 2008 held at Chennai following categories were included in Literature Class. But in INPEX 2013 the last category of electronic publication / Software mentioned below has not been included:

4.2.11 Philatelic Literature & Publications
4.2.11.A Books, Pamphlets & Studies published within past 5 years
4.2.11.B Periodicals published within past 1 year
4.2.11.C Articles published within past 1 year
4.2.11.D Catalogs published within past 2 years
4.2.11.E Websites, software and other electronic publications developed within past one year


J. Jyoti , Kullu (H.P.)

This is for discussion only and it applies for all the exhibitions not only INPEX 2013. Now INPEX 2013 organizers are accepting entries of e - Newsletters after discussion with committee members. It would have been nice if they had clearly mentioned the category of electronic publication and Philatelic Blogs / websites in the prospectus of INPEX 2013 and many participants interested in electronic publications, could have sent their entry for this exhibition

Abhai Mishra - Dehradun

Literature is the nervous system of any field, be it science, philately or any other field. This is because it can reach to wider audience and hence it has always been a part of any philatelic exhibition. In scientific publications of IEEE etc. there is term used called "Impact Factor". This is measured between 0-1 and refers to the widespread reach of any publication. Larger impact factor means that the papers published in any specific journal is being referred by large number of people. In today digital world, philatelic website / blog / eBook etc. has larger impact factor than the printed philatelic literature. Therefore it should be a MUST to be included in all the philatelic exhibitions.

Avinash B. Jagtap – Binningen ( Switzerland )

Omission of newsletters, articles published in electronic media, philatelic blogs and websites in literature class may be either deliberately or due to the human error. This should be solved by the direct talk or negotiation with the organizers of INPEX 2013 exhibition committee. Just assumption and critic is not going to solve the problems.

Ajay Kumar Mittal – New Delhi

Yes it should be the part of competition but it will take some time as many of our senior philatelists are not comfortable with these present day technologies. At many exhibitions they have started including electronic publications/e-books/e-articles etc in the competition  class.I will like this class to be added in the competition soon.