Healthy journalism based on true and honest information is the backbone of a strong society. Objective journalism re-enforces and strengthens all the elements of our social environment. Philately is no exception. We always need true, honest, interesting and informative journalistic pursuits to rejuvenate, develop and strengthen the contemporary philatelic environment. Means of information dissemination are more & faster but talent to produce the information in conveyable & acceptable format is short and unwilling. We intent to encourage, nurture & promote this talent, which in our opinion is essential for philately to achieve its objectives. 

Information about current trends in the hobby, timely reporting of the happenings, information of forthcoming events, spread of time-sensitive news, and writings on various aspects of philately, general awareness write ups about the hobby, dissemination of research results, analysis of commercial aspects of philately, felicitation of  achievements in philatelic journalism comprise the philatelic journalism. We wish to accelerate the frequency, speed and truthfulness of all these objectives.

Appropriate information inputs are necessary for journalistic activities. We wish to underline the leads to information, links and sources for this purpose. Our blog will work as a resource stream for journalistic pursuits. We wish to help, co-ordinate & facilitate the publication, distribution & marketing of philatelic literature, journals, including e-journals, books, blogs, web sites and other information dissemination mediums by individual philatelist and/or organizations. Spread of information about technical & legal issues, important for such type of publishing are also on our radar.

Securing & promoting the interests of the Philatelic Journalists, authors, publishers and Philatelic Press in general, is high on our objectives. International co-operation between the Philatelic Press of different countries, translation of philatelic literature in various languages, dissemination of philatelic writings to & from other parts of the world are some activities which can strengthen the Philatelic Journalism the world over, we will do these things.

We also wish to provide training and appropriate education / knowledge to the interested, to groom them as the Philatelic Journalists. We wish to take on the issues, as and when they arrive, which are crucial to our cause. 
“Philatelic Journalists Forum” and its web-blog, “The Philatelic Journalists” is an initiative by a few enthusiast philatelists, who love the hobby to the deepest. We do not have any personal interest to promote but only honest philately, which is very dear to us. There is no office bearer or any designation available in the forum. It is organized absolutely on honorary basis. The membership is by invitation only; deserving philatelic writers and journalists are invited after being selected by a committee of the organizers. The membership is also without any obligation for the moment. No individual owns it; it is entrusted to us by our conscious.
Valuable inputs are requested and welcome from every source, including visitors to our blog.

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