THE PHILATELIC JOURNALISTS: Debate on Inpex 2013 Participation Rules

Debate on Inpex 2013 Participation Rules

Topic for Debate :

Compulsion imposed by INPEX 2013 for the new entrant/participants to be members of PCI or the society they represent to be the member of the PCI ?? If they are not the member of the affiliated society, they are not  eligible to participate in this  National Exhibition. There are many philatelists who are not member of any society how can they participate ?  Is  it justified   ??


Y. Kumar - Bareilly (UP)

I support it, unless we (all the Philatelists) do not get united, how we could do any thing ?

Col J Dutta (Retd.) - Pune

This is the standard practice in all nations and being implemented for the first time in India. 
I see nothing wrong in this. I know there is always a resistance to change and the fact that 
probably the only person to support this in this Forum.

Ajay Kumar Mittal - New Delhi 

Yes it is required. The reasons comes to my mind are as below

1.  Being a member the exhibitor will have some experience and that will help him  to know the 
rules and regulations of Exhibiting.

2.  It is required to maintain the quality of exhibits at National Level.

3.  At state or regional level it is ok for the new participants but at National the exhibitor
 should have qualifying medal at state level and member of National Federation.

4.  Normally entry for new exhibits is allowed only in exceptional cases where state level
 exhibitions are not held since long therefore exhibitor was unable to obtain the qualifying medal

 for National Level. In such cases if anyone is a member of Philatelic society which is affiliated 
 with National Federation and senior member of the Society should certify that he had 
seen the exhibit and is of standard to participate in National Exhibition.

5.  For participating in any international it is required to be a member of a National Federation.

6.  If anyone, who is not a member of PCI or any of its member societies, wins a qualifying medal

 he will not be able to participate in the International exhibition.

7. This rule is applicable even in all games at par. See Hockey, Cricket, Boxing or any games of Olympics or Asian Games.

I hope that my point of view is clear with above reasons.

Dr Avinash B. Jagtap - Binningen (Switzerland)

My personal opinion on the decision of Inpex 2013 organizers:

Here in Switzerland no philatelist as an individual, who is not a member of a regional or national philatelic organization is allowed to apply as a competitor in a regional or national philatelic exhibition. The Indian philatelists must now know that they can not take part in philatelic exhibitions held at state wise or national exhibitions, unless they are bona-fined members of a philatelic organization. In this sense the organizers of INPEX 2013 have every right to ask from the applicants that they should be bonafide members or any regional or national philatelic organization.

Indian exhibitors can not just avail themselves to get all facilities, entrance, the medals 
and also the right to apply for the next grade philatelic exhibition to be held at the state-level or national exhibition. 

In this regard I shall welcome the step taken by INPEX 2013. This they should have taken long time ago. If they did not introduce this step it was their kindness. We Indians seek to profit from the kindness of others, without subjecting ourself to self-sacrifice, taking for granted that such philatelic exhibitions do not cost at all. This also shows that there is not a All India National Philatelic Association where the regional philatelic organization can register themselves as recognized philatelic committee or society. If there is such All India Philatelic Association already existing in India, I do not know. Most probably not, otherwise the organizors of INPEX 2013 might not have put this condition this time before the applicants.