THE PHILATELIC JOURNALISTS: Debate on Phila India Catalouge

Debate on Phila India Catalouge

Topic for Debate:

Phila India Catalogue 2013-14 edition has not listed 29 “My Stamps” issued by India Post during the Indipex 2011 World Stamp Exhibition, while some other international catalogs have listed them as individual independent issues. Is Phila India Catalogue right in doing so ?


Madan Middha, Editor, Year Book of Indian Philately

The absence of 29 Indian “P-stamps”, issued by the India Post as “My Stamps” during the INDIPEX 2011, and later on various occasion is a shocking omission of the Phila catalogue. When we talk about these Indian “P-Stamps”  /  “My Stamps”, we talk about the currency part of the issued pair. The currency part of the pair IS a postal stamp of the postal value marked on it as the denomination of the stamp, Rs 5.oo in this particular case for all the 29 stamps. MICHEL, the internationally reputed publishing house has listed all these 29 stamps giving specific catalogue number to each stamp in their catalog.
I see no reason to understand this exclusion. Yes, they look like re-issues but in fact they are not. You keep them side-by-side with the earlier similar issues and you will mark a number of differences immediately. One of them, the Taj Mahal stamps is absolutely a new stamp. They are legitimately issued, they are used in accordance with the current inland postal rates, they are printed by the national security printers, they are issued by the Postal Department of the country, they are openly issued to the general public; apply any of the criteria to them and they are legitimate. They also follow the Code of Ethics adopted by the UPU to provide guidance to the stamp issuing postal authorities of UPU member countries. Then why this exclusion?

Vijay Seth - New Delhi

The sole catalogue published is turning out trash and we all are following him blindly, a few collectors can get together and publish a proper catalogue. it will benefit all. the publisher claims to be a don/doyen in philately but his publications have always lots of room for improvements.
Lets get together for a new catalogue, India Post does not know what is good or bad for the collectors or the market. 3 lakh stamps are sold in days (less than a week now) traders and investors are reaping the benefits, lets bring a stop to it, by a campaign !!!!!!!!!