Debate on Status of PCI

Topic for Debate:
Philatelic Congress of India is almost inactive since a long time.  Can a new National Federation be envisaged ? Can the FIP take some action in this matter?  The situation is hampering the growth of Philately in India.


Sekhar Chakrabarty - Kolkata 

The International Olympic Committee suspended the Indian Olympic Association for gross irregularities. Similarly, FIP should immediately de-recognised PCI with immediate effect. PCI is not functioning for more than a decades as per its own constitution and commitments. No General Body meeting, no publication of its Bulletin, No circulars / announcements of any activities. It has become a holy cow for a handful of few, who are benefiting personal gains at the cost of others. God knows how and when a Commissioner is nominated to represent PCI at International Exhibitions. Whole thing remain a close secret It is high time a new National Philatelic Federation is formed under the aegis of FIP

Ajay Kumar Mittal - New Delhi

Yes there is a need of active National Philatelic Federation in India which is Philatelic Congress of India (PCI). PCI has given Indian philately a great recognition in World. Therefore instead of thinking of New Federation we should demand for an active PCI. We should write to present President Mr. Dilip Shah and his team members to immediately call for elections so that all those interested to work for Indian Philately can come forward for promotion of Philately in India. As on date as per my information there is no hurdle (Court case/Stay etc.) in the way of an election. All of us who are active members of PCI should raise our voice and ask for an early elections of new Governing Council

Jeevan Jyoti - Kullu

PCI has most experienced and renowned philatelists as members. But it is time to include new members too with new ideas and active supporting attitude. If it starts working actively we are there to join hands with them...

Prem Pues Kumar - Jamshedpur

Can people take control & revive the PCI for the benefit of new collectors other than their own benefits.......A single governing body along with a state level & city level clubs can do wonders...