THE PHILATELIC JOURNALISTS: Debate on One Frame Exhibit Class

Debate on One Frame Exhibit Class

Topic for Debate

One frame Exhibit Class is under open class. One frame exhibits have become a regular feature at philatelic exhibitions at all levels, from local to FIP International shows. Many new participants enter through this class. This One frame class has given a new dimension to the philatelic exhibiting.

Presently, this class is not given due importance in philatelic shows. Exhibitors of this class are not considered for Medals, they are petted with marks and certificates.Should not the one frame exhibits be considered for the medals now ? The exhibits should be awarded the medals they deserve according to the score they secure in evaluation by the jury.  To save Philately this class must be promoted  by awarding  medals as well as special prizes in this class.

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 Pradeep Kumar Mallik- Patna

I think One Frame Exhibit Class in Philatelic exhibition is in its infancy. Though there are regulations from Philately Governing Bodies, but we, the philatelists, are having two types of opinions. First opinion is that One Frame Exhibits can only be prepared on the topics or subjects having very limited scope of expansion. On the contrary, other opinion states that Philatelist should begin with One Frame Exhibit on any subject or topic.

For coming out of this dilemma, Philatelic seminars, discussions etc. should be held regularly. The efforts of the Philatelic Journalist Forum should be applauded. The points with certificates provided by the Exhibition Organizers is as per existing regulations, though in some exhibitions the Entry fee for One Frame Exhibit class is higher than that of other Class. But in my opinion medals may also be provided to One Frame Class entries.

J.Jyoti - Kullu ( H.P. )

One frame Class must be given more importance in the exhibitions because many new philatelists enter through this class. So obviously this class is the future of the exhibitions. In the coming years, this class would be more pupular among philatelists like One day and T 20 Cricket matches. Because it is easy to prepare a one Frame exhibit than to prepare a lengthy 5 frame exhibit.

At present in many exhibitions the fee in this class is higher than the fee charged per frame in other classes and still the participants are not awarded any medals .This is not fair for the participants and  it certainly gives a discouraging impact on the participants. There is absolutely nothing to attract a new and budding philatelist .... With the decline in the interest of new generation in philately, the time is not far when this class will be the only existing class in the stamp shows . If we want to promote this hobby and wish to keep  this hobby alive and evergreen in the years to come, we must promote this class. We should not forget that Stampmania 2009 organized by Baroda Philatelic Society was a milestone in the field of philatelic exhibitions with only One frame exhibit exhibition which attracted philatelists of each and every class from all corners of the country... There is need to organize many more such One Frame exhibitions in future in order to save this hobby !!  There must be a provision for special prizes and medals in one frame Class. It is not only the medal as  an incentive for the philatelic enthusiasts but it  also enables them to participate without any financial burden with small amount of  entry fee...

Dinesh Chandra Sharma(Olympic & Sports Philatelist), Lucknow

Definitely the purpose of inclusion of One Frame Exhibiting is (would have been) to promote philatelic exhibiting among the new entrants. Preparing One Frame exhibit does help the exhibitor to work with limitations while enjoying the hobby to its best. Therefore this can be equally enjoyable or challenging for an experienced or veteran philatelist.

Yes, receiving a medal as an award for your good work is always pleasant. For me One Frame exhibiting is more for fun as it provides you opportunity to work on the subject/topic/area which otherwise you would have not taken because of financial or time constraint.

I don’t think promoting one Frame Exhibiting will save philately. I have some philatelic friends who feel proud in boasting that they spent a few thousands of rupees per day in a 5 star hotel. On the other hand if you advise them to buy good philatelic material or philatelic accessory (just few hundred rupees worth), they will go away saying these are too expensive. The reason behind this is that they see the fellow philatelists winning silver, gold medals even at international or world level do not get any special attention within the philatelic clubs/society or philatelic circle.

For saving philately following points in my opinion are needed:
1.    One must love philately
2.    One must be ethical and well behaved person
3.    One must understand the difference between the joy of collecting & studying philatelic materials, and earning money by trading.
4.    Respecting fellow philatelists/collectors
5.    Reading more and more quality philatelic literature.

Just organizing the ‘ONE FRAME’ philatelic exhibitions will not be enough. Organizing seminars and workshops will surely uplift the standard of One Frame exhibiting as many new as well as seasoned philatelists find it difficult to prepare One Frame exhibit for competitions. Yes promotion of One Frame exhibiting will work as a catalyst in the promotion of overall philately. 

I am not sure why it has been included under the Open Class in INPEX – 2013. A One Frame exhibit can be presented under any class of FIP classification.