THE PHILATELIC JOURNALISTS: Discussion - Definitive stamps of India

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Discussion - Definitive stamps of India



Some more comments received from the members…


BIBHU MISHRA, Bhubaneshwar

“The current issue under discussion is very much relevant…………... It is not only definitive but the commemorative stamps printed are of poor quality………. Comparing with other countries, the stamps produced in India are of lower quality & less attractive. While finalising proposal of stamp issue, no body consults the essential aspects that enrich the beauty of the stamps. Stereotype ideas are generated which reduce the interest of ( the people and ) collectors. As we know, Stamps are ambassador of a country’s progress; it is duty of stamp collectors to raise voice with constructive ideas for better and attractive postage stamps on different unexplored areas.”


MANSOOR B., Mangalore

“I had written about the deteriorating quality of Indian definitive stamps comparing to other countries…………….our stamps are identified as definitives, just by their (poor) quality. There may be reasons behind this such as, these are meant for the common man and common man does not notice the quality. But they represent the country at large before the world.  Is it (not) affordable to the Dept of Posts to use better quality paper and printing for definitives………………What is the costing to print a Rs.2/- definitive stamp?”



"Definitive Stamps are the most neglected by all the concerned, be the designer, printer or the issuer, that is Postal department. No thought is given at the design stage. Just as Royal Mail has the Silhouette of Queen as the basis and has evolved their definitives around it, we could also adopt the Silhouette of Gandhiji as basic design and develop the definitive stamps around it. Gandhi is a loved topic for Philatelists all over the world, and would be welcomed.
The (present) Paper and the Adhesive used are of poor quality, I would not say they are sub-standard, but the standards set are abnormally low. There is need to revise the basic specifications for definitive stamps of India including paper and adhesives”


Prof. SAHADEV SAHOO , Bhubaneshwar

“Last minute decisions to issue stamps under pressure leads to bad quality and ill-designed stamps. The quality has to suffer if we do not give weightage to right choice of themes and (do not) provide adequate time for designing and printing.”



“ If Multicolour printing of stamp on fine paper involves high cost, Single colour printing can also be made attractive by improving quality of printing and quality of paper.”



“In every Philatelic exhibition whether District, State or National, the Department of Posts officials generally add in their speech that the Postage stamps are tiny ambassadors of our nation. Have they ever thought what kind of ambassadors are travelling on our letters and parcels to other countries and what kind of image they are portraying about our nation ?

The poor quality of our definitive stamp issues not only put the question mark on the attitude of officials of Department of Posts but also shows the poor functioning of Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) …………..The members of PAC need to be creative, responsible and courageous enough to oppose anything (that is) not up to the mark and to bring new ideas or concepts. Particularly, members representing philatelic fraternity have much bigger responsibility as they understand the esthetic as well as philatelic value of stamps and other philatelic products, better.

The difference in the cost of production will not be much as per my experience of handling the production of stamps too. It is simply a matter of Policy of Department of Posts as if it wants to portray Indian image in a better way or not.”