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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Online Directory of Philatelists….





Indian Philatelists’ Forum has come out with an innovative idea of creating online directory of Philatelists. This directory is intended to facilitate networking among philatelists and members of forum. 

The Directory of philatelists will be divided in to two categories. (i) Philatelists residing in India (ii) Philatelists residing abroad and collecting on any aspect of Indian Philately.

An online directory of Indian Philatelists and Overseas philatelists interested in Indian Philately with their complete profile will be available on forum’s website. Indian Philatelists’ Forum respects privacy of its members and that’s why all data will be available only to the registered members. 

Philatelists interested in India and across the world will welcome this new innovative idea of making online directory. A web based data form is now available on forum’s official website and registration is now open.