Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year



Happy New Year to all the Members and Readers of  PJ Forum



Chinese Award for best foreign stamp




In Beijing, at the end of November 2012 on the annual XI China voting competition for best foreign stamp, the Russian stamp block issued in 2011, "The historical and cultural heritage of Russia. Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art "Malie Korely" was awarded the special prize of the experts for the best print quality.

The competition was organized by the Chinese National Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, All-China Philatelic Federation and other organizations.

The event was attended by 38 countries. According to the conditions participants could submit to the contest one stamp and one stamp block.

Winners in the categories "Best Design", "Best Subject" and "Best Print Quality" were chosen by competent jury. "Best Stamp" and "Best Block" were selected by more than 330 000 participants of the online poll. Images of contesting stamps were placed on the pages of the top five Chinese philatelic magazines and two Internet sites.


Posta of Faroe Islands Wins Top Award


Posta of Faroe Islands has been awarded the "Best Printing Award" in China for the Annika i Dimun M/S which was released in February 2011.

The committee for the poll consists of key sponsors along with representatives from the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the China Philatelic Federation and the Association for Promotion of West China Research and Development.

The purpose of the poll, which involves more than 40 countries, is to enhance the relationship between China and foreign countries.