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Friday, January 18, 2013

Suggest a Stamp to India Post…


India Post has invited suggestion from general public for new subjects / themes to be depicted on the commemorative postage stamps. Suggestions were invited on any theme to be depicted should be related to Art, Culture, National Heritage, Flora & Fauna, Sports, Wild Life, Nature, Historical Monuments, Children oriented subjects and World Heritage. However, suggestions regarding personalities, institutions and events will not be considered.

Best three suggestions will be recommended for inclusion in stamp issue programme of 2014. Anyone willing to participate in this ‘Suggest a Stamp Poll’ of India Post can submit one’s proposal on email address: latest by 15th February, 2013.

More details can be had from visiting India Post website using URL:

I request all the readers of this post, especially the thematic philatelists, that every one of us should submit a proposal on their favourite theme, so that in 2014, we will get Indian stamps on new themes. Good luck for this poll.

- Pradeep Kumar Malik, Patna