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Friday, March 29, 2013

Discussion - Definitive stamps of India



Recently we have received a mail from our member Pradeep Kumar Malik of Patna, along with some attachments regarding Indian Definitive stamps, taken from and published in Market Tipster Column of the Glen Stephens Monthly "Stamp News”, March 2013 issue. The comments made for the current Indian definitive stamps are read as follow :

Indian modern definitive stamps are often just woeful, for a country that is very keen to (be) taken seriously as a leading and emerging nation.”

Current India high value definitives look like they were produced by a half blind forger, using a 1980s laser printer near out of ink, and a blunt nail to perforate them. Washed out colours, very crudely printed and screened, coarsely perforated, and on horrible cheap paper.”

“.............heavy overseas parcels seem to be wallpapered with Indian definitive stamps! High value current stamps used on overseas parcels Showcase nation to the world, and the message these stamps send about India is VERY negative.”

“ I suspect anyone with access to a photocopier can forge better looking copies of these than the PO sells, so why some effort is not made to print them professionally, is a mystery.”

“ Surely there are printers in India who can if they wish, replicate almost anything the West can produce”

All these comments with eye-opening illustrations can be seen using the following link:

This is shockingly true and indeed a very shameful situation for us as Indians and also as philatelists. Why did not we ourselves realise this?

Now, the point for our discussion regarding this important issue is as follows :

Is not it important and necessary for India Post to produce the definitive stamps on fine quality paper with latest printing technologies and attractive designs ? Is the Department of Post doing right in projecting a dismal picture of the country by producing poor quality stamps, which showcase India’s capabilities before the world ? ”

You can send your views on this issue to us.

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In our opinion, producing this quality of stamps hurts our national respect, self esteem and our eligibility to be counted among the leading nations in the world. It also reflects lack of capabilities and willingness to excel.

Please send your views to :

Madan Middha - email :