THE PHILATELIC JOURNALISTS: Updates of Philatelic Journalists' Forum

Friday, March 8, 2013

Updates of Philatelic Journalists' Forum



Following members of Philatelic Journalists' Forum have been designated to operate Forum's blog ‘The Philatelic Journalists’.  Readers / Members are requested to send articles / debate topics to the  editors only.


Madan Middha  email :

Naresh Agarwal email :

Blog Moderators

Prashant Pandya : email :

Jeevan Jyoti : email :



The first ever meeting of the veteran, serious and dedicated philatelic writers, journalists and blog operators was held at WTC, Mumbai during INPEX-2013 on 23.02.2013. This big show gave a big opportunity to most of such persons in India to be present in it and to give their views and opinions about its objectives, aims and mode of operation. Following are details of the discussions:


Jeevan Jyoti

Naresh Agrawal

Prashant Pandya

Madhukar Jhingan

Sekhar Chakrabarty

Col. Jayanta Dutta

Ajit Dash

Rakesh Walia

Pradeep Mohanty

Pratishad Neougaonkar

Parful Thakkar

Mainak Kathiyara

Shakil Ahmed

Prof. V.K.Gupta


Dr. Anjali Dutta

Ilyas Patel

Deepak Modi

Rajesh Paharia

Sahadeva Sahoo

Dr. S.K.Sondhi

Abhai Mishra


  1. To promote of philatelic writing.
  2. To encourage philatelic journalism.
  3. It’s scope being global and not India.
  4. It should become voice of India (for philatelic operations).
  5. To take up current and hot issues.
  6. Setting debate and get comments.
  7. To help and guide new and upcoming philatelic writers.
  8. Membership to be restricted to India only.
  9. To be a collective body to collect information from different sources.
  10. Existing journalists and writers to be brought in to the fold under the /banner of forum.
  11. To conduct independent or joint literature exhibitions.
  12. To see that literature class gets due respect and importance in philatelic exhibitions.
  13. Elevating the standard of the writers and journalists/forum to be invited for jury-ship in philatelic shows or to give assistance services
  14. To offer support services to the new writers and journalists.
  15. To prepare a data base of various philatelic writings to provide reference services to the writers/authors/journalists

   16. To develop a digital library

  1. To act as a platform for all India Philatelic writers and journalists.
  2. Prepare data base of the philatelic writings.
  3. News gathering and redistribution
  4. To create a recognized body/ to act as observer.

   21. To provide reliable and truthful information.

  1. To write, project and highlight forgeries, speculations and anything that could harm philately.


After long deliberations following governing body was formed/suggested

President : Shri Sahadeva Sahoo

Vice President : Shri Madan Middha

Hon. Secretary : Shri Prashant Pandya

Joint Secretary : Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti

Treasurer : Shri Rajesh Paharia

Governing Council Members:

Col. Dr. Jayant Dutta

Shri Suraj Jaitly

Mr. Sekhar Chakravarti

Shri Rakesh Walia

Shri Naresh Agrawal

Members hoped that this forum will act as milestone in philatelic history of India .