Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Book on FDCs and Folders of India…




Collector's Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India

With Set of Stamps, Se-tenant Stamps & Miniature Sheets

PT11_thumb by Praful Thakkar

Nowadays, in philatelic fraternity, focus on modern Indian philately has gathered grounds. The subject of modern philately is a fascinating section which is capable to delight the collector’s eyes with various sizes, color shades, cancellation marks, legends and creative designs which have a religious, cultural, historical, political and commercial overtone. It has colors, creativity and charisma.  It has carved out an important niche in the hearts of new philatelists and collectors. This has happened because in last few years India Post has issued varieties of stamps, se-tenants, Miniature sheets, Sheetlets, Presentation Packs, FDCs and many more philatelic items which attracted the collectors in India and all over the world.

It is also observed that in recent times, a new category for FDC has been incorporated at all the levels of exhibitions. This shows that the charm and charisma of FDCs has been accepted and acknowledged. It is true that this is a modern subject which has huge philatelic potential.

Since 1947, approximately more than 2300 stamps must have been issued along with their respective FDCs and folders. It may be difficult to collect, preserve and present all of them. This Guide is an effort to narrow down the subject to substantial size without losing its collecting pleasure. This Catalogue is a showcase which gives  glimpses of FDCs of Set of Stamps, Se-tenant Stamps and Miniature Sheets which form the total of about 450 having equal number of Folders. Thus this theme has a small gamut and it can be managed easily.  Here, an effort is made to maximize the number of colored examples to give a creative and colorful dimension to this fascinating philatelic theme. In this Catalogue Valuation of various FDCs and folders is given to give a basic guideline to the collectors.

This book is an attempt  to present this subject with all its facets to cater the needs of collectors. Various checklists, illustrations and rare items are displayed in color so as to give an idea as to how the collection will look in totality. Pricing has also been done so that the collector in pursuing his missing items can get a guidance. They need right information, proper way of presentation and required items at a reasonable price. In short, they  require a touchstone to measure their efforts and to further improve their collection. This Guide will be able to satisfy all requirements of the collectors in particular and hobby in general.

Mr Mainak Kathiara, President Emeritus, Gujarat Philatelists' Association has rightly observed in his Welcome Message that  “ Perhaps once in a generation a book like 'Collector's Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India with Set of Stamps, Se-tenant Stamps & Miniature Sheets' comes along. I would say it is a more than a book/catalogue, there is a living energy in it, one you would probably feel as you hold it & flip through the chapters. It has the power to create an experience in readers, and change their collections for the better.......

This is a first publication of its kind with pricing on FDCs & Folders with Set of Stamps, Se-tenants, Miniature Sheets and many more collectibles........I would like to tell the collectors that this is the 'future book' in Indian philately with the involvement of large number of philatelists........

If I were to sum up, the essence of the book 'Collector's Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India with Set of Stamps, Se-tenant Stamps & Miniature Sheets' in one phrase,  it would be 'Present Moment Awareness'. "

The book will be available from Praful Thakkar, Ahmedabad   or  in Mumbai INPEX 2013 Exhibition from Todywalla's Stall.